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               Angela J. Imparato, Office Administrative Staff
               Richard F. Ambrosio, CPA, Founding Partner
               Robert L. Bellotti, CPA, Founding Partner
               Paula A. Alois, CPA, Partner
               Bryan W. Behrens, CPA, Partner
               Jonathan M. Hardy, CPA, Partner
               Edward L. Hurley, CPA, Partner
               James J. Nolan, Supervisor
               Barrie Alexis Austein, Accounting Staff
               Bruce Behar, Accounting Staff
               Laura Ann Bellotti, Accounting Staff
               Michael Brown, Accounting Staff
               Anthony Nostramo, Supervisor
               Brian Tighe, Accounting Staff
               Christopher Velasque, Accounting Staff
               Rosanna Cassetta, Accounting Staff
               Angelo Nesta, CPA, Senior Manager
               Karla Reyes, Supervisor
               Ariel (Alex) Sadykov, Supervisor
               Emilia Magee
               Kat Babacan
               Nancy Ambrosio, Administrative Support Staff
               Monica Bellotti, Administrative Support Staff
               Timothy Roggemann, Accounting Staff
               Joseph Caraballo, Accounting Staff
               Bryan W. Behrens, CPA, Partner
               Brittany Sorrentino, Office Administrative Staff
               Justin Cuomo, Senior Accountant
               Gena M. D'Ambrosio, Office Administrative Staff
               Adam Lerner, Accounting Staff
               Jeremy Macfie CPA, Supervisor
               Victoria Razzano, Accounting Staff
               Jaime L. Buchanan, Office Administrative Staff
               Michael A. Cooper, Accounting Staff
               Courtney Laskowitz, Accounting Staff
               Lauren Littman, Accounting Staff
               Elena A. Szabo, Accounting Staff
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